Take the first step to a straighter smile

Mrs CM

December, 2012

As a teenager I had traintracks and in my early twenties my teeth started to move apart and outwards. I went to Grosvenor House for a consultation to see what options were available to improve them. Being a little older I was a bit self concious about having traditional braces and invisalign was a great alternative. It was faster too. I still wear a retainer at night time for now but my day time retainer treatment lasted less than a year.

As well as being a faster and less visible treatment than traditional braces, it was also much more comfortable than my experience of braces in the past. Although each new set of aligners is a bit sore for a day or so I only had one mouth ulcer during my treatment which went after a slight adjustment to my aligner. I didn’t have any other problems.

I have been really pleased with the results. Lots of people have complimented me on the changes. Other then those I told about it, nobody knew I was even wearing them!

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