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Incognito Braces: pioneering lingual technology

Incognito™ Orthodontic braces are individually customised with the highest level of precision. These lingual braces, placed on the inside of the teeth, are virtually invisible from the outside, with a custom designed arch wire that perfectly fits the brackets. The brackets, made from a gold alloy, are made specially to fit the teeth and arch wire works with the brackets to move the teeth into position. Treatment is only available from specially qualified and fully trained orthodontists.

Choose Incognito Orthodontic Braces if

– Invisible treatment is your prime concern
– You want to maintain a professional image while getting a great smile
– You play a wind instrument
– You play contact sports

Incognito treatment is also available at Smiles Dental, Brighton, Ship Street. If you’re looking for Incognito Braces in Tunbridge Wells, please get in touch.

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