Take the first step to a straighter smile

Mrs AA

December, 2012

As far back as I can remember I have always felt extremely ashamed and very self conscious about the huge gaps in my teeth, especially as a teenager and during my early adult years. I used to avoid smiling, laughing in public and hated having photographs taken, as a result I had very low self esteem and lacked confidence in myself. When I saw the advert for Invisalign® I decided that this would be my chance to fix one area of my life that I was unhappy with.

After the consultation with Dr Tim Bamford I felt very excited and was absolutely sure that Invisalign® would be the ideal solution for me. I was also pleased to hear it would not involve years of painful treatment and would be invisible so people would not know that I was wearing braces. During the treatment I found Invisalign® extremely comfortable with no pain at all and, best of all I could remove them during mealtimes and for brushing. I was also pretty amazed at how quickly Invisalign® worked for me and many of my friends and colleagues did not even realised that I was wearing braces.

Since completing Invisalign® I now love smiling, laughing, having my photo and can’t stopped grinning in the mirror at my fabulous new ‘Hollywood’ smile. My friends and family are amazed at the difference it has made to my confidence and I feel as if I have been reborn a new woman. I would like to thank Dr Tim Bamford and Invisalign® who are truly experts in giving me the most fantastic new smile.

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