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No. Anything more than very minor discomfort, come back & see us. Your speech will be different. Practice speaking with the brace in place e.g. read out aloud at home on your own, & in this way your speech will return to normal within a couple of days. You may also find yourself swallowing a lot to begin with. This is quite normal & will quickly pass. Yes, keep the brace in for all meal-times. You will struggle for the first couple of days, but persevere & very soon you will hardly notice it! Take the brace out after a meal & rinse it under the tap. Take the brace out in the morning & at night-times, brush the teeth & brush the brace with tooth-brush & tooth-paste. Only for cleaning & contact sports i.e. rugby. For contact sports, e.g. rugby, take the brace out & keep it in a protective box. Put the brace straight back in your mouth afterwards. Usually around six months. Usually about every 8-12 weeks. If you have a problem, ring for an appointment sooner. Yes. It will be important you still have check ­ups with your regular dentist throughout orthodontic treatment so that your teeth can be checked for decay.